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Trans Fatty Acids

When within the space of one weekend the UK press has headlines like 'Food Firms to Ban Killer Fats' (Daily Mail, 5 July 2003), 'Cadbury Acts on Fat Fears', and 'Big Food Acts to Forestall Fat Attacks (both from Sunday Times, 6 July 2003), it is understandable that both the food industry and consumers get very edgy about what all this means.....
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EU Chocolate Regulations

On August 3 2003, the new chocolate regulations agreed by the European Parliament came into force across the whole of the EU. For the first time these permitted the use of vegetable fats at a level of up to 5% in chocolate in each country of the EU. Up until then these fats had only been permitted in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Sweden and Finland.....
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