Employment History

Loders Croklaan (London & Essex) - 1987-2003

Senior Applications and Technical Services Manager

From joining Loders Croklaan in 1987, Geoff was responsible for all of the company's technical contacts with customers in the UK and Ireland. These covered the major multinational and national manufacturers of confectionery, biscuits and bakery products, and also involved regular visits to them to assist in both R & D projects and training courses in oils and fats technology. As a result of this, Geoff helped many customers to overcome problems related to fat technology thus enabling them to successfully launch new products on to the market.

The geographical scope of the work was extended to cover, for a period of time, activities in Turkey and South Korea and, more recently, the whole of the Nordic area.

In addition to these external activities, Geoff was also involved in a number of internal product developments. He was directly responsible for the invention and development of Prestine (Loders Croklaan's range of anti-bloom fats) and Cotebar (Loders Croklaan's range of moisture barriers), both of which won the Food Ingredients Europe Award for the Most Innovative Ingredient. In doing so, Geoff was also the manager of the company's R & D project on moisture migration and moisture barriers.

During the last eighteen months of his employment with Loders Croklaan, Geoff was additionally responsible for introducing BetrFX, a new range of flavoured and coloured inclusions, into the UK, Irish, French and Nordic markets.

Unilever Research (Welwyn, Herts & Sharnbrook, Beds) - 1968-87


The whole of the research Geoff was involved in whilst in Unilever Research was targeted at the development of new confectionery fats, and was essentially funded by Loders Croklaan.

A substantial amount of this time was spent in developing new cocoa butter equivalents (CBEs). This work involved, at various times, chemical synthesis of diacylglycerols and triacylglycerols, development of new methods for evaluating and measuring the physical characteristics of CBEs, and the use of a wide range of evaluation techniques to study the performances of CBEs in chocolate.

To assist in this research, Geoff also became very heavily involved in the use of statistical regression techniques to allow the predictions of blend properties to be made, and the use of linear programming to allow the modelling of chocolate fat phase compositions and of the whole factory production of CBEs.

Geoff was responsible for much of the group's work in the fields of filling fats, fat migration and moisture migration. He was able to further develop this work into commercial products during the time spent working directly for Loders Croklaan.

He was also responsible for the activities of a number of technical and research assistants during this time and was also responsible  for managing a wide range of research projects.

External Activities

Leatherhead Food International Commodities and Ingredients Panel - Committee member
Leatherhead Food International Confectionery Products Panel - Committee member
BCCCA Technology Conference - Committee member


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